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The easy and affordable appliance protection plan offering peace of mind and protection for your customers. You refer them, and you get paid.

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You're an Appliance Servicer

It's what you do, and you love it. People live better lives with working appliances, and that’s what you make happen. So, every day, you bless the lives of people in your community. You also provide fulfilling employment for your employees. And, maybe, you might even make a satisfying income for yourself.

Most servicers prefer work that is person-to-person (aka COD). In this context, all your interaction is directly with the consumer; there is no third-party middle-man imposing separate rules, and all is comparatively bliss. It’s the most enjoyable setup, and is usually the most profitable.

It is also increasingly rare.

COD Opportunities Are Continuously Shrinking

It's a plain fact this industry is increasingly subject to a model where middle-men stand between you and the consumer.

Why is this trend so strong?

A cynic might think today's consumers are increasingly timid, and for this reason alone are unwilling to directly shoulder the risk of uncertain appliance repair costs.  But there is more to it.  Today’s households are more dependent on a larger set of appliances. Repair costs are higher. For such reasons, the risk is greater.  With higher risk, there is more need for protection.

It is thus no wonder that today’s homeowners are opting more and more for the coverage of third-party protection plans.  Nor should it be a surprise that your opportunity for the nirvana of direct-COD work becomes smaller every year.

This is not a trend you can stop or reverse. If you insist on only COD work, it’s likely you have already slammed into a barrier resisting expansion, and are fighting to resist shrinkage.  To maintain good volumes and grow, you must go to where the work is increasingly found.  That is via third-parties.

Let's turn tragedy into opportunity

Smart people see change and, instead of just fighting, take advantage of it. That is our invitation to you in this program.

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