RE: Your Repair Invoice, and a Very Special Offer

Dear John Doe:

Your invoice is attached. 

We want thank you (from the bottom of our hearts) for the fact you permitted us to perform this service for you.  We value your trust. 

We hope, in the years going forward, you will trust us for all your appliance service needs. We are determined to always serve you with dedication, and with pricing that is fair and reasonable.

In regard to price, we know cost is always a concern. And it is largely unpredictable. For any failure, you could end up needing only a small repair, or it could be major. You might be lucky and need only few repairs over the course of a few years, or you might need many.

If the uncertainty of such cost is a worrying factor, we invite you to consider a solution. It’s a way to tame the uncertainty, while simultaneously keeping us as your preferred servicer. It’s incredibly inexpensive, and is super easy to setup.

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With warm regards,

The staff at XYZ Repair Company