How to set up

Getting started is easy

For detailed instructions, please see our Servicer Handbook. For a simple outline on how to proceed, read here:  

Step 1: Setup with Warrantech

First you must inform personnel at Warrantech that you wish to participate in this program. 

To so inform, please send an email to In the email, please simply identify your company, and indicate you wish to participate in the KeepItFixed servicer referral program (if you are already a Warrantech servicer, it will help if you include your Warrantech ASC number). Warrantech personnel will take it from there, on the their side (among other things, they will work to execute the special ASC contract with you, that provides a number of added rights that you get, in exchange for participating in the program).  

Step 2: Setup with Rossware/

With your setup at Warrantech complete, you need to complete the Signup page that is present on this website, and submit.  This signifies your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, and that you are ready to participate in the program. 

Step 3: Enable Referrals from Within SD-MobileLink

Go into your SD-MobileLink program, and check the box that indicates you want to have pitches included as e-Tickets are emailed at the conclusion of COD jobs.

Step 4: Train Your Staff to Handle Telephone Inquiries

It's our guess your office will receive very few referral-related calls.  Regardless, it's obviously best to have your staff prepared. 

First, it's likely a good idea to have each CSR review the website (consumer side, as opposed to your side), so they have some idea of what is offered to the consumer. 

You might also want each to see what the referring email looks like, that has automatically gone from your office to the consumer (here is an example). 

Finally, instruct your staff in how to respond if/when a customer calls with questions, after seeing the referral and pitch.  We suspect the most common question will be something like:

“Is this something you recommend?” 

We think the best answer may be something like:

“We believe this is good for some people, but only you can decide if it's good for you.  One thing we can say for sure is, all else being equal, we'd prefer to keep you as a COD customer.  Regardless, if there's a chance we'd be losing you to some kind of a protection plan anyway, we'd vastly prefer for it to be this one.”

In other cases, a customer might ask questions regarding substance in the offered plans.  We suggest, for such questions, you refer to the help-line (206-693-4933).  Indeed, we think it is best for you to resist answering any questions regarding substance in the plans themselves.  If you nevertheless feel you must, it's our recommendation that any answer be pre-pended with: “Well, it's my understanding that . . .”

Step 5: Enjoy

Prepare to see monthly reports and checks.

Enjoy over time as each monthly “prize” comes in. 

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