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Benefit Basics

If you choose to participate and setup for the purpose, you obtain benefits from Warrantech:

  1. Absent applicability of a defined basis for exception, Warrantech must dispatch to your company all work that is in performance on plans that resulted from your referral.  In other words, your company is not simply listed as "preferred" (a status that you may have seen ends up, with other third-parties, meaning little).   Rather, Warrantech accepts a contractual obligation to positively make yours the dispatched-to company (again, absent applicability of a defined basis for exception). 

  2. Warrantech commits to recognize the importance to you in assuring you continue to enjoy a balance of terms (as associated with your performance of such work) that is not unreasonably worse than when you began creating referrals. 

These benefits from Warrantech are defined in a special version of the ASC contract, which contains added clauses that we at Rossware negotiated on your behalf (you’ll be signing that modified contract as part of setting up for participation in the program).  You should consult it for a detailed and precise understanding of these benefits (it is language there that ultimately controls, and not the description in our words as provided here). 

Aside from such benefits as obtained from Warrantech, there is another party in this arrangement. is a wholly-owned subsidiary (dba) Rossware created to manage its participation.  In a nutshell, acts as a reseller middle-man between the consumer and Warrantech.  Based on referrals from you, it's the website that fully pitches to the consumer.  It is likewise that collects each month's subscription fee from the consumer, informs Warrantech you are the servicer that's attached to the contract, etc. 

And there is further very important duty for It is to give you your third major benefit:

3. pays you a monthly residual.  In particular, for each monthly subscription fee that collects from a consumer on a protection plan that resulted from your referral, a portion goes right to you (following the conclusion of each month, you'll receive a report indicating what collections resulted from your referrals, a summation of amounts thus due to you, and a check in that amount). 

The general concept is that, so long as any consumer remains subscribed to a protection plan that resulted from your referral, you keep getting your residual portion each and every month.  You may have residuals that keep flowing for many years after your easy and simple referral. 

How referrals are made

There is a new checkbox option in the SD-MobileLink program.  When ready, just activate this checkbox to indicate you want referrals to occur.  In result of that indication, SD-MobileLink will behave a little differently. 

In particular, as it processes a technician's PVR, it will look to see if the job has been completed, and if it was for a COD customer.  If both are true, it will compose the text a little differently in the email whereby it sends the customer his or her e-Ticket.  Instead of the normal very brief text, it will be little longer, making a gentle suggestion, wondering if perhaps the customer might wish to be protected from future uncertainty in regard to repair cost.  The text includes a link to the website, which the customer may click if interested (click here for an example)

Accordingly, your sole involvement in making such referrals is to activate that checkbox.  Of course, you may deactivate if ever you want, as well.  You never surrender control. 

Great potential

Our goal is that sales will go well enough that you may find these every-month residual checks to be some of the easiest (and perhaps also the most enduring) money you ever made. Potentially, it might also be a serious amount of money. 

It only takes a few minutes to start earning.

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